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"Covid Lockdown Regression"

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Full length movie 70 minutes playing time
Featuring Scarlett and Melanie

Two strangers have moved cities to new jobs and find themselves late at night locked down for Covid in the same dormitory room.Covid Lockdown Regression They find an information sheet and Scarlett reads out

"This dormitory has only community bathrooms and they are not to be used. The doors are locked shut. Research shows that bathrooms are a prime location for the spread of Covid. You have been supplied with disposable diapers for your stay. You can order more when you run low using the Covid lockdown app you have been given"

Astonished they look around and see a supply of disposable diapers, wipes, powder and a change mat

They are both bursting to pee and are disgusted with the idea they have to diaper themselves them pee in them in front of each other.

Once they have relieved themselves the smell of warm pee fills the room and they realise they must take the soaked diapers off, wipe and powder themselves and put on fresh disposable. The girls are getting to know each other by now so they help each other tape them on.

As per the written instructions, one of them puts on a mask to open the door and place the used diapers in a community diaper pail in the corridor.

The girls go to bed for the night, confused, annoyed and diapered.

In the middle of the night, Melanie gets up to pee, like she often does, but bumps into the wall. She wakes up properly and remembers she is not in her own home and there is no toilet she can use. She just has to go back to bed and pee in her diaper then try to nod off again.

Morning and both girls are in wet diapers. They change their diapers yet again.

Scarlett gets in contact with the Covid Commission using her Covid app and demands another place to stay. She is told there is just one place available. It is a bit odd and if they take it they are not allowed anymore changes.

To their astonishment they are delivered shortly afterwards to an adult sized nursery. Stunned, cold and wet from an unexpected rain shower and without their luggage they look for clothes to wear. But all the clothes are for babies except adult sized!

They select onesies and put them on. Immediately they feel a little different and act babyish.

They help themselves to baby food and get a little messy so put bibs on each other. Then they play with lots of the toys in the room.

Thirsty they really enjoy the warm milk in the baby bottles left on the high chair. Next they feel tired which is really weird because it is only mid morning. But hopping in the cot together for a nap at this time of day seems a perfectly normal thing to do now.

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